All the money raised at Run for Mom events throughout the Yukon stays in the Yukon



Our goal of supporting the best breast health for Yukoners means that we do what we can to help purchase advanced medical equipment and raise awareness of the importance of breast health.

How we’ve helped

Funds from this year’s run will go toward our goal of assisting with the purchase of the latest mammography technology for the hospital.

In the past, the run made a significant contribution  toward the purchase of a digital mammography unit at Whitehorse General Hospital. The machine (installed in 2009) increased comfort by putting less pressure on the breast and improved safety by using less radiation. The advanced technology also provided clearer images that could be sent electronically to Radiologists in Calgary for rapid interpretation – resulting in quicker diagnosis. The machine also features soft mood lighting to help make the exam room more comfortable for patients. In a few short weeks after the unit was operational, the number of women receiving mammograms each day nearly doubled.

Together, we have improved access to breast health, enhanced comfort, provided peace-of-mind, offered more certainty and ensured Yukoners can receive the treatment they need.

This is why we Run for Mom and will continue to fundraise for breast health and awareness in the territory.

What We've Achieved

  • More than $1.1 million – raised over the last 18 years
  • $700,000 – the entire cost of WGH’s mammography machine
  • Funded a handout for women on what to expect during a mammogram
  • Supported Paddlers Abreast canoe team
  • Ensured two local breast cancer survivors could attend the 2008 International Congress on Breast Cancer
  • Purchased furniture and comfy chair to create a warm, inviting atmosphere
  • Purchased specially designed Mammography Gowns for increased patient comfort